We have all experienced the positive effects of momentum in our lives… that feeling of forward movement where things seem effortless and strong, with no signs of stopping soon. Momentum in an organization can arise undetected; everything feels harmonious and humming along steadily. But when we lose it? Everyone knows it.

Why do businesses lose momentum? And what can be done to get it back?

Faded Vision

We may have begun with a strong purpose and vision but somewhere along the way, we forget why we are doing what we do. The vision has not remained front and center, and oftentimes actions within the organization can hijack the vision and take your business in other directions. Your company needs a leader who will guard, maintain, and keep the vision in plain sight as an integral part of your daily operations.

Fizzled Enthusiasm

Once you begin to lose the vision, the passion soon follows. A lot of what we do is mundane…meetings, memos, budgets. But to be able to keep it all on track, there must be that driving force tying it all together. We all need to be reminded of why we are doing what we do, and to be encouraged along the way. Passion is an ingredient that keeps momentum alive. As business leaders, it is our job to infuse each day with energy and enthusiasm…the heart of why we are in business in the first place.

Stagnating Leaders

When we are doing well in business, we become complacent. We stop learning and growing because everything is fine. This is a mistake that can lead to loss of momentum and a downturn you don’t want to find yourself in. As leaders, we must take it upon ourselves to keep learning from others, and not isolate ourselves at the top. Leaders who themselves continue to learn and grow naturally enjoy organizations that grow. Don’t ever stop learning; there is always more to know and room for improvement. It starts with you. A coach can help you be accountable, to help keep you growing and to keep the momentum rolling. So can a virtual assistant. They take the small tasks you wish to delegate, leaving you with more freedom to focus on the big-picture vision of your company.

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