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Enhance the value of your video marketing efforts by accessorizing those videos with fun and professional animations.  We offer intros, outros, logo stingers, transitions, calls to action and social media animations.  Ask us how we can help you add your branding quickly and creatively to videos, tutorials, screencasts and more!

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Animated elements are sold separately with a price break for buying multiple.  The rates listed below involve a one time production usage license.  The finished product is yours to use as you wish, but you will not have access to the individual animated elements.

If you wish to have access to the individual animated elements, you will want to purchase our one time Ownership License at $199.  This gives you the right to the individual animations for use whenever and wherever you choose.

There is a $30 production fee for each additional usage of the video when revisions are needed.  For example, if you’re creating a series of tutorials and you need an animation that says, Tutorial #2, we will not charge you for the original $60 license again, we will simply charge $30 for the revision.

1 Element $60

2 Elements $109

3 Elements $139

Each one of the sample animations below are a single element.

To see an example of a complete video including 3 animated elements, please see the video at the bottom of the page.

Each animation includes an audio component that can be included or excluded based on your preference.  If you have your own music or have purchased a license to use stock audio, we can utilize that material instead.

Animations are a premium service offering and are not included in monthly retainer packages. 

Before you click the button to get started, here are a couple of ground rules.

  1. No cat videos, I’m allergic!  Ha, just kidding…..
  2. Explicit material, profanity and/or pirated material will not be tolerated.

I couldn’t be happier with what you produced with my video!  Thank you!  It’s perfect!

Tony Reffeitt

Realtor, Integrity Real Estate

Sample Animations

Circular Transition Animation

Conference Announcement Using Journal

Unfolding Stinger Animation

Twitter Intro Animation

Square Intro Transition

Facebook Animation

Sample Full Length Video Using Our Intro and Outro

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We love to help!

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