We all know resolutions are for people who can’t keep them. Why not try something different? Choose one goal that can make an impact on everything you do. One goal for the new year is to focus on raising your productivity.

With the change on the calendar comes the perfect opportunity to look back on the past year and see where you’ve been successful and where you‘ve struggled. What worked? What didn’t? Time to identify time wasters and try new ideas that will make your business hum.

Productivity killer: Busyness

You may find yourself always in “busy” mode with so much to do that you never feel “caught up.”  The resulting anxiety is real—but can be a sign that you aren’t actually being productive. Busyness is all about quantity, not quality—it’s trying to get everything done before time runs out.

Say no to this mode of operation. Take a step back and analyze the tasks, how they are getting done, and who is doing them. Look at prioritizing the tasks, and decide which are urgent, and which are important and can take a longer range plan to complete. Once you categorize them, you can clearly see what needs to be done now and what can be delegated and parceled to the right people. Running around trying to do it all is a sure recipe for stress and inefficiency.

Productivity habit: Weekly review

The best way to implement a positive change is to create a habit. One such habit is a weekly review to boost your productivity.  Pick a day of the week, and schedule a time to sit down with your bad self and review your work week. Look at the past week, meetings notes, projects. Make a checklist of the upcoming week’s tasks, meetings, actions required, calls to make, traveling, and even your exercise plan. Create a battle plan for the week and then stick to it as much as possible. Schedule it in your planner. If you will do this regularly, you will start to see your work week become less “busy” and more productive. A virtual assistant can help you with your schedule and accountability if you need help creating a plan and sticking to it.

Your best year yet is just around the corner. Take time out to make these simple changes and see how productive you can be.

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