Personalized communications offer professional client interfacing for licensed counselor and coach

Alyssa Johnson, Vibrantly Live


A high level of personal interaction and care with clients was of utmost importance to Alyssa. While she focused on being fully present for client appointments, she saw the need for virtual assistance to manage incoming calls and appointment reminders.



In the role of assistant and receptionist, our team tailored communications to do client interfacing exclusively on behalf of Alyssa. Through digital voice technology, Imagine Virtual Assistant Service deployed scripted calls—inbound and outbound—with Vibrantly Live’s established telephone numbers for scheduling and appointment reminders.

Additionally, our team executed proactive client relationship communications such as “thinking of you” emails and birthday cards.



For Alyssa’s business and clients, both have given positive feedback on interactions with Lacey, the virtual assistant. She has provided sensitivity and offered empathy during calls with clients—the high level of personal interaction and care Alyssa desires for each client touch point.

Imagine Virtual Assistant Service understands that its interactions are the first impression of Vibrantly Live and holds that top of mind and heart each and every time.


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