Newly independent attorney seeks administrative support without in-office employee costs

Chad Dickerson, Law Office of Chad Dickerson


As a busy attorney who recently opened his own law office in Downtown Indianapolis, the client needed administrative support for legal filings that involve both electronic and paper components. Specifically, the process of paper filing needed additional attention. However, Chad didn’t want to invest in the office setup for additional employees.



Chad retained our virtual assistant service to develop a process where for managing the workflow of the paper filings. Through Microsoft Sharepoint and working remotely, our virtual assistant was notified of files needing processed and mailed. Without stepping foot into his office, we collaborated on the paper workflow and delivered the processed electronic documents back into Sharepoint, where the client was notified of completion.



Our fully equipped virtual office—with mailing and postage supplies—and professional virtual assistant saved the client the investment of furniture, employee benefits, and technology.  With a “virtual” inbox, a “virtual” support person handled mass mailings, filings, and process paperwork for his business.

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