MUNIFICENCE: the quality or action of being lavishly generous; great generosity.

As the go-getter type of business owner you are, you probably are very proficient at making things hum in your company. You might even be the one who makes everyone’s life better, but your own may be the one that is unattended to. Self-neglect is common among your type because you’re focusing your time and attention on those around you, forgetting the one person who, ultimately, must matter most.

You’ve heard it said, to love others you must love yourself first. This time I’m talking about first thing in the morning. Yes, there is a time of day when—if done correctly—one can shift the course of one’s entire day by simply making the morning magnificent through applied self-munificence. That is, lavish generosity upon yourself. And don’t feel guilty doing it.

Here are just a few ways to magnify your morning moments:

  1. Wake up early enough to relax in the morning. Do not keep hitting snooze but get in the habit of being an early riser. Give yourself the luxury of time in the morning. Spend the first minutes of your day with a cup of coffee or other favorite beverage, a peaceful meditation and inward quiet. This will set the tone for an unhurried state of mind to follow you throughout the day.
  2. Do a short workout (but don’t call it a workout; let’s call it an activity). After you’ve eased into the day with your quiet time, it’s time to move your body a little. A quick walk around the block or even a few sets of jumping jacks will be enough activity to get your heart pumping and your metabolism surging. Just 15 minutes of gentle activity is enough to make a physical impact on your mental state by releasing the mood boosting serotonin into your brain cells, which can affect your entire day positively.
  3. Post-activity, eat a simple breakfast of something you love. Avocado on toast, a poached egg, yogurt topped with fruit and granola. Set the table in a pleasant place—perhaps some light music playing in the background–and set yourself down to dine. None of this grabbing-a-bagel-as-you-run-out-the-door stuff.
  4. Prepare your outfit the night before. This sounds juvenile perhaps, but the difference it makes in your morning is rather freeing. Sometimes we ladies especially can spend an inordinate amount of time trying to determine what to wear. This inevitably leads to time wasted and running late and then feeling that day-long anxiety of always running behind. That is no way to live.
  5. Be smart—don’t pick up the smartphone. Just leave it alone until you’ve had the opportunity to move munificently through your morning. The emails, the texts—they can wait. You’ve got all day for that. Carve out this space and time for yourself and set the tone for your entire day to be mellifluous.

I promise that if you take the time to create this morning routine for yourself, your work days will run like clockwork and even in the face of upsets, you’ll be able to handle them with an inner calm that transcends your circumstances.

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