Language services agency experiences uninterrupted operations through a major software migration

Tanya Hoover, Midwest Language Service


An agency providing English as Second Language (ESL) courses, translations and interpretation services needed to roll out a new software program, Teachworks, to take over every aspect of the school’s processes. To effectively roll out the language school student management software, a streamlined transition was of paramount importance.



Imagine Virtual Assistant Service developed a rollout plan, which would move the manual administration of the student database to a robust tool—a major data migration. Additionally, the implementation needed careful planning of integrations and transitions from other tools such as the invoicing program.

Our team undertook the research and learning of the software’s full capabilities as a means to become the power user charged with teaching the faculty and staff on how to use the program.



The language services agency enjoyed the freedom to conduct day-to-day business needs while the virtual led the undertaking of a major project. The teaching staff became equipped with one tool to be a full-blown scheduler and a contact management and invoicing system—all in one. This migration enabled a greater level of efficiency for staff and provided an improved experience for students.


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