You may not think of yourself as a blogger, or a writer for that matter. But If you own a business, there are lots of good reasons to warm up those fingers and start typing.

The first and most obvious reason you should blog is to share your products or services or knowledge with the market. Showcasing your skills and knowledge tidbits via blog and posting blogs on social media can act as a resume to draw people to your business.

Beyond that, however, your blog can become a hub for a passive second income stream. Wouldn’t you love to earn additional income with minimal outlay of effort or investment? Some of the ways you can earn this type of income with a blog are:

  • Ads – A couple of companies you can start with are Google AdSense and Sovrn. Both offer ad placement on your blogsite with no minimum page view requirement. You get paid a specific (albeit small) amount each time a user clicks on a Google ad placed on your blogsite. Th more traffic you have to your website, the more income you can make.
  • Affiliate marketing – This is where you market someone else’s product or service on your site and you receive a commission on a sale you make through that affiliate link. A good company for beginners to get their feet wet in this is Amazon. It is free to join, and they offer zillions of products to make it easy to find lots of products that fit your business niche.
  • Sponsored posts/blog networks – You can write blog posts for a sponsor an publish it on your own blog. They will pay you to share this blog with your readers. Some places to start: Blogher, The Blogger Network, IZEA.
  • Create and sell your own products related to your business/knowledge. Readers will pay for valuable information that you have to share. Some products you can create yourself include eBooks (they don’t need to be long, even 5 pages); printables that your readers can download; online training courses; podcasts; training videos.

As you can see, there are many ways to branch out of your familiar business zone to increase revenue simply by extending an offer to your current customer base. Harness the knowledge you already have and turn it into a valuable product your customers can take advantage of. It all starts with a blog and a little motivation.

If you need any assistance with your blogging and extended income- building avenues, consider a virtual assistant to get you started. Message me for more ideas!

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