Making the decision to hire a virtual assistant for your business is a big deal if you’ve never done it before. The biggest concern tends to be: what will this cost?

A better way to look at it when weighing your concerns might be, how much will I save?

Here’s what I mean:

The value of a virtual assistant lies not only in money savings but time and stress savings, and even profits.

Money Savings

The savings of hiring a VA versus a full time, in-house employee can be upwards of 75 to 80%! You can’t just look at the hourly rate of the VA; you must also consider the cost of paying a salary along with insurance and benefits, vacation and other admin costs. Those investments are unnecessary with a VA.

Do the math and you will find that the annual cost going out for a VA is much less than with a full-time employee.

Higher Profits

Not only can a VA save you money overall, but she can add to your bottom line too. Think about all the mundane tasks that can be taken off your plate to allow you to focus on the worthwhile, profit-making core of your business. See how many hours you spend doing tasks better off with a VA, and then think about how you could maximize your work.

Freedom of Mind

There’s a certain level of stress that comes with trying to handle all aspects of your business…especially tasks you are not particularly fond of or good at. A skilled VA can relieve you of that stress, freeing you to thrive mentally and emotionally, doing what you do best and leaving the rest to us.

Either way, a virtual assistant can be a great alternative to the high cost of full-time staffers. Contact us to see how we can become a profitable part of your team!

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We love to help!

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