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Hello and Welcome!

Since you found your way this far, I’m guessing you’d like to learn a bit more about me so you can decide if I will be a good fit to help you and your business grow. Here goes…I’m fortunate enough to have two wonderful kids that call me mom. I’m a demanding, wacky and most of the time lovable wife to my husband Bob. We have a happy little homestead set up in Indianapolis, Indiana. A wide array of animal friends share our home including two dogs, a guinea pig and 6 fish (last I checked). Family is incredibly important to me and my desire to spend more time with them is what brought me to the Virtual Assistant industry.

Now, on to the stuff you REALLY care about.  I love serving others and heart-centered helping professionals are some of my favorite people.  What is a heart-centered helping professional you ask….well, I define it as a professional that nurtures the growth of or addresses the problems of a person’s physical, psychological, intellectual, emotional or spiritual well-being.  It’s difficult to give so much time and energy to others and still run a successful business practice, so I step in as a capable “extra set of hands” to facilitate and support business activities.

Finding balance in business is my mantra and I am a seeker of that ever elusive goal. I am driven to help my clients discover balance in their business through a relationship with a Virtual Assistant. A balanced business is a healthy business!

Wanna know more about me?  Sure you do….I have 10+ years experience in various aspects of office administration, sales and event planning. During those ten years, I had the opportunity to work remotely which eventually blossomed into a love of working outside the brick and mortar setting. With two fully equipped offices, I am ready to help you with anything and everything a traditional executive or administrative assistant might do and more. I use both PC and MAC equipment to serve my clients and have experience using many of the important software tools you’re using every day.

What else?  Well, I can help you update and change things on your WordPress or Wix.com website, create and deliver HTML e-mails and keep your social channels buzzing.  You’re in luck if you’re planning a conference or retreat….I love event and travel planning projects.

Here are a few more insights into how I work – I’m Aquarian (Horoscope), I’m a Generator (Human Design), I’m an Orchestrator (Fascination Advantage), I’m an ENFJ (Meyers Briggs Type Indicator). You can learn even more by visiting my profile on LinkedIn.

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Serving My Clients Through Community Involvment

I'm a great resource who stays connected to valuable partners and services. When you need something done, chances are I know someone who can get the job done right!
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We love to help!

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