Wait—you’re not a writer? Then this blog is REALLY for you.

But why—you may be asking yourself—do I need an eBook for my business? I’m not a publisher.

Four reasons:  Di-ver-si-fy.

Not only that, offering your customers an eBook, positions you as an expert in your subject matter, reinforcing your credibility and value. Not to mention the fact that it can provide an additional form of passive income.

Now that I’ve convinced you that writing your own eBook is a good idea, you still may be wondering, how do I do it?

Fret not, because writing an eBook doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking, and you very likely have all the knowledge and content you need to put one together with little effort. Here are some tips:

Getting started

Before you can put an eBook together, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions about your customers. What kind of information would they find beneficial and valuable? There may even be information customers have been asking you about for a long time. What adds value to the product or service you’re already providing them? Where can you go deeper and share something interesting or unknown to them about your business?  When you’ve answered these questions, it should help you zero in on the topic you want to write about.

Page count

How long should your eBook be? Page counts vary, depending on how you want your eBook to function for you. Here are some options to consider:

  • As a bonus for website guests when they subscribe to an offer, a good length is 10-20 pages. You could also offer it for sale on Kindle for a low price range ($.99 to $2.99) to get folks to your website.
  • An eBook of 20-30 pages usually sells well and provides the best commissions, priced in the range of $2.99 to $9.99—but it should have specific and useful content, with a snappy title.
  • At 30-120 pages, an eBook can go for $15.95 to $39.95, and keeping it under 100 pages is a good idea. You can even price it higher if you’re offering any kind of specialized training or courses.
  • Write till you’ve written what you want to say.

What do I write about?

You’re already an expert in something. That should make you breathe easier. Now all you have to do is communicate what you know in a coherent, possibly engaging manner.You may already have a title or topic in mind that you’ve been mulling over for a while—something you need to say. A story, perhaps. Maybe even a blog you’ve written in the past that you could expand on. If so, any of those are great starting points. Or maybe you need to brainstorm with your employees, or even customers, to find out what they might want more in-depth information about.

Either way, once you have a topic or basic idea, you can prime the pump by developing an outline. No need to be creative at this point—just write down some main thoughts and a few sub points below each to flesh out later. This will relieve the dauntingness of your task and give you a framework that you will simply need to “fill in” one step at a time.

Ignore fear—start writing

Don’t worry at this point about writing a GREAT eBook. Push fear aside and just write. Because whatever you have to offer is something that nobody else does, so in your own words, they will find the value. Get the first draft down without worrying too much about mistakes. You can go back later and edit. Capture as much of the rush of your initial passion as you can.

If you decide to offer it on your website, you can create a downloadable PDF quite easily. If you like, you can use a website like Canva to easily create a beautiful, professional looking eBook at low to no cost using their templates and graphics.

You’ve got something to say. Write it out! Adding value and diversity to what you offer your customers in the form of an eBook will bring you a whole new confidence—and maybe the start of a series. And who knows, a love for writing?

If you need a push getting started, I’d love to help!

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We love to help!

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