The VA Sidekick Chronicles

Because Superheroes Shouldn’t Work Alone!

Why We Lose Momentum and What to Do About It

We have all experienced the positive effects of momentum in our lives... that feeling of forward movement where things seem effortless and strong, with no signs of stopping soon. Momentum in an organization can arise undetected; everything feels harmonious and humming...

How to Figure Your Savings With a Virtual Assistant

Making the decision to hire a virtual assistant for your business is a big deal if you’ve never done it before. The biggest concern tends to be: what will this cost? A better way to look at it when weighing your concerns might be, how much will I save? Here’s what I...

Learn to Delegate Great

You know you can’t do everything and expect to run a successful business, right? Knowing when and how to delegate and do it great is especially important as the workforce moves toward more remote options for employees.  At first it might seem difficult—even...

How to Turn Your Blog into a Money Maker

You may not think of yourself as a blogger, or a writer for that matter. But If you own a business, there are lots of good reasons to warm up those fingers and start typing. The first and most obvious reason you should blog is to share your products or services or...

Bring the Outdoors In for a Win-win

Relaxing under the shade of a mighty oak, letting your thoughts drift. A soft breeze gently kissing your cheek, reminding you how freedom feels. Getting lost in the trees down unknown paths. We all understand how being in nature improves our well-being—emotionally,...

Morning Minutes of Massive Munificence

MUNIFICENCE: the quality or action of being lavishly generous; great generosity. As the go-getter type of business owner you are, you probably are very proficient at making things hum in your company. You might even be the one who makes everyone’s life better, but...

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