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A Hypothetical Look at Choosing Sides

It feels like we are either for something or against something, for someone or against someone, quick to point fingers at the guilty, for surely the blame must be placed somewhere, anywhere. We all choose sides, assert our opinions, and to varying degrees, actively...

Be The Change: How To Share Positive Energy

We’ve all been around the energy vampires…the Debbie Downers who suck you into their negativity and steal every ounce of joy you have down to the cellular level. By now we’ve learned to avoid such persons, or at least, to minimize our time spent in their wearisome,...

Why You Should Make Friends With Saying No

Saying no. Most people feel bad saying it. Most people don’t know how to do it. Most people think saying yes to everything opens the door to every good thing. No. No. And no. Most people feel bad saying it. For some reason our default position is guilt. We want to...

How to Stop Struggling Against Self-Promotion

I can think of few things I dislike more than marketing myself. Dislike is not even a strong enough word. There’s an unnerving emotional pain involved, a struggle within that sounds like, God, this feels so self-focused, putting myself out there, but it’s something I...

How You Can—and Should—Write an eBook for Your Small Business

Wait—you’re not a writer? Then this blog is REALLY for you. But why—you may be asking yourself—do I need an eBook for my business? I’m not a publisher. Four reasons:  Di-ver-si-fy. Not only that, offering your customers an eBook, positions you as an expert in your...

Overcoming Distractions

How to Increase Productivity and Overcome Distract… ooh, smoothies! Maybe it isn’t that bad for you. Maybe you can sit down to do your work and, like a frikkin shark with laser beams on its head, you can hit your target and take down a task without once getting...

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