There are certain people and specific moments that just stand out in your mind because they made an indelible impression on you. It may be someone going above and beyond the normal to come to your aid in a crisis. Or a time when someone made a huge sacrifice for you. Maybe it was just making you smile when there was no earthly reason to.

Those people created memorable moments—worthy of being remembered. The same value we apply to memorable people and memorable moments also applies in your business. If you are worth remembering—it’s about the concept of value placed on your business. A memorable brand is a brand worth remembering, and that equates to success.

How can you be memorable—truly stand out—and magnetize customers to your brand? Here are just a few ways to make yourself unforgettable in the marketplace. The more of these you do, the stronger your memorability factor:

  1. Be your quirky self.

A mistake businesses sometimes make is trying to be like everyone else, as if conforming were the key to success. In fact, the opposite is true. Being memorable means standing out in the crowd—not blending in. Be bold and raise your quirk banner high. What makes you unique, extraordinary? This is what you should build your message and your behavior on. And do it consistently. Tell it loud and often and be known for your unique and genuine voice.

  1. Master your first impressions.

This principle is time tested and has not changed: You only get that one chance to make a first impression. Memorable people have this down pat. They know that first impressions are powerful and in fact hard to erase. A memorable first impression sets the tone for the whole relationship, good or bad, so you really want to put much thought and planning into how you want to present your brand to the world.

  1. Follow through on the first impression.

So, you’ve made a mind blowing first impression on your customers. Then you drop the ball and don’t deliver. Being memorable doesn’t happen just once—you must be consistently memorable. Whatever it is you’ve boldly proclaimed about your brand, you’ve got to deliver on it consistently. That’s what strong brands doo. They’re clear on who they are, what they do, and how they do it. And they do it all the time. Driving that personality home creates memorability.

  1. Don’t be a jack (of all trades).

Can you recall any brands that are known for a bunch of things? There’s a reason for that. It’s not memorable. You want to be known for something. Not a million things. Choose your focus—a mission, a principle, an idea. Weave this into everything you do.  Your brand will be remembered for it.

  1. Be a giver.

Kindness and generosity are memorable. A good deed makes a lasting impression any day of the week. In this narcissistic world we live in, doesn’t it give you hope when you see someone stand above, take the high road, and do something positive for mankind? Be a giver, be positive and generous. It attracts more of the qualities you want to be around.

Being memorable will help you anchor your brand in the hearts and minds of your audience. Try these five ways to up your memorability. Leave a comment below if you have more ideas!

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